Last updated October 16, 2005

Please read our thoughts related to buying a pup from Shadow-Wood. Then, if still interested, fill out our prospective puppy buyer questionnaire so we’ll have contact information and a sense of what you are looking for.

Please note that we are in this as a hobby rather than a business. Consequently, we seldom have more than one litter each year. Since these litters are infrequent, we prefer to place puppies with homes that will show in conformation, obedience or agility.

Our latest litter was whelped in March of 2005. It is a repeat breeding of our 2003 winter litter. Here is information about that litter and its parents and here are pictures from the 2005 litter.

We don’t anticipate another litter until 2006 at the earliest.

Our December 8, 2002 litter has grown up. There were three boys and three three girls, four of which went to new homes. One of those four (Cot’n Pic’n Dbl. Shot of Shadow-Wood) is currently one of the top 5 conformation-winning Samoyeds in the U.S. Here is the pedigree.

Here is a picture gallery of the 2002 litter, featuring the two, Gimlet and Sadie, who are sticking around here for show careers:

  • If you are looking for your first Samoyed, there is great information about the breed on the various sites on our ‘Links’ page.
  • Additionally, visit ‘Our Kennel’ page for our philosophy of breeding
  • And, for a taste of what lies ahead, visit ‘Patti’s Puppy Guide’ and Patti’s ‘Show Puppy Guide’.
  • For further preparation you might also visit the American Kennel Club’s web page about buying a puppy.
  • Tina Willett has an interesting page with many links for the first-time Sammy puppy buyer .
  • Also, consider adopting a rescued older Samoyed instead of going through all that ‘living with’ that a new pup requires. There are great Sams out there looking for loving homes. The Samoyed Rescue page will let you see what’s immediately available in your area.
  • For contact with a breeder in your area, go to the Samoyed Club of America’s list of breeders .
  • Another great resource is your local Samoyed club. Here is a site where you can find the closest to you.
  • Finally, if it’s a Shadow-Wood puppy you are interested in and you missed the link at the top of the page, please go to ‘Buying a Puppy from Shadow-Wood’ to see what our thoughts are about placing puppies in new homes
  • And, to contact us: E-Mail

2001 LITTER: Five beautiful pups from Wiz and Puff.



2000 LITTER: Here they are.. All three found homes, one, Wyatt, by staying with Patti’s sister.
See what’s happening with Wyatt.

And, from the 1999 litter we kept two sisters for over a year. They headed off in different directions, both to marvelous Samoyed homes.Mimi (Shadow-Wood’s Solitary Boom NA–renamed Mitzi) went to California where she was trained and shown to be the top Samoyed in Agility in 2003 by Kylie Burke. Shabby (Shadow-Wood’s Shaboom–renamed Abby) travelled north to Wisconsin. She, too, has gone to a show home, but sent us back a daughter who is the dam of the Winter 2003 and 2005 litters.

Mimi (AKA Mitzi)

See her pedigree

See her in agility training

Shabby (AKA Abby)

See her pedigree