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Shadow-Wood Samoyeds

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Our History

It all began with a St. Bernard.

Patti’s sister, Babs, got the Saint at a pet store. Illness in that pup resulted in a Sammy being offered up as a replacement, and this pup wound up living with Patti. Thus arrived Patti’s Nikita, who turned out to be the most intelligent dog we’ve ever known and totally sold us on the breed. Nicky sired Tina, who, with Patti, joined Stirling and his newly acquired Hyuki of Winmar (Yuki) in obedience classes.

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The original Shadow-Wood crew–circa 1972
Yuki, Tina, BoBo and Echo

Obedience competition followed and both dogs earned their CDs. Yuki and Tina paired up to produce Shadow-Wood’s Beauregard (Bobo) and Shadow-Wood’s Artic Echo at about the same time we got married. Patti put a CDX on Bobo and made him the highest scoring Open dog in Dulles Gateway Obedience Training Club that year. Stirling took Echo to a CD and the annual highest scoring dog award in the same club. By then we were hooked on obedience, and certainly on Samoyeds–not to mention each other.
Patti had by then joined the Potomac Valley Samoyed Club and there met Betty Arnold (now Chamberlin), who co-owned with us a beautiful puppy of her breeding, Solitaire’s Shadow-Wood Start (Zana). By the name you can tell what her role was to be. Patti and Betty showed her to a championship and Stirling put a CD on her. She somewhat precociously bred herself to an aging Bobo, producing Shadow-Wood’s Fulla Trouble, who Patti (and Betty) showed to our first home-grown championship. Stirling then trained and handled Trouble to a Companion Dog title. This breeding also produced the PVSC Specialty winner Shadow-wood’s Vanilla Mousse CD. A back injury sadly blocked Moose’s drive for a championship and a CDX degree.

From that point Patti’s breeding program took two branches. The first brought Zana’s Solitaire line together with Northwind’s by breeding Trouble to Ch. Northwind’s Running Bear to produce Shadow-wood’s Little Bit-O-Bear (Bits). Bits was bred to Tiffany’s Arctic Avalanch to produce Ch Shadow-Wood’s Owego of Happiface and major pointed Shadow-Wood’s Tiffany Borealis as well as multi-pointed Shadow-Wood’s Dragon Killer O Tif (Killer), who sired Ch. Tiffany’s Candy Cane, who has produced several champions. Tiffany Samoyeds, incidentally, is Patti’s sister, Barbara Birdsong’s, the one who started it all with Nicki. Thus do Sammy’s take over people’s lives.

The second branch of the program brought Polar Mist’s bloodlines together with Solitaire’s by breeding Zana to AM/CAN Ch. Timberline’s Lord Tikal to produce Shadow-wood’s Lotsa Dots. Dots went on to show in obedience (CD) and conformation (to within a 3 point major of finishing). Dots, bred to Sue Dye’s Ch Nerak’s No Cents At All, produced four champions, one of whom, Shadow-Wood’s Sis Boom Bah outdid her mother by producing ten. One of these, AM/CAN Ch.Shadow-Wood’s Smoking Gun (Puff), bred to AM/CAN Ch. Shadow-Wood’s the Candyman (Licorice), whelped Shadow-Wood’s Pistol Packin’ Momma (Annie). Licorice sired ten champions.

When Linda Evans (Aesir Samoyeds) and Babs Birdsong (Tiffany Samoyeds) bred Ch. Tiffany’s Wild Wild West (from Ch. Tiffany’s Candy Cane and Ch. Shadow-Wood’s Sneak a Peek) with AM/CAN Ch. Shadow-Wood’s the Candy Man (Licorice) they combined both sides of the line and produced one of the easiest Sams to live with we’ve ever known, Aesir’s The Wizard of Tiffany (Wiz), who to date has fourteen points, including three 3 point majors. If you ever had the luck to know Running Bear you’d recognize where the sweet temperament comes from.

Wiz, Puff,, Annie, Bam Bam (Boom Boom’s sister), Tuggles (daughter of Killer), DiDi (daughter of Shabby–see the paragraph below) and Gunny (son of Puff), all live with us in a splendid pack, making it very easy for us to have a three-dog night. Shadow-Wood’s QuickontheDraw (Wyatt), one of Shabby’s first litter, is now living at Bab’s place, replacing his recently deceased father in her kennel.

Bam Bam’s daughters, Mimi and Shabby, have changed their names to Mitzi and Abby and have moved, respectively, to Texas and Wisconsin. You can follow Mitzi’s exploits on Mitzi’s page as her owner, Kylie Bourke trains her to perfection in agility. To see what our newest, Annie, is up to, go to Annie’s page .

We purchased progeny reports from the AKC for Ch. Shadow-Wood’s Sis Boom Bah (Boom Boom) and AM/CAN Ch. Shadow-Wood’s The Candyman (Licorice).

Shadow-Wood News


  • Boom Boom
  • Licorice


  • Boom Boom
  • Licorice

Our Philosophy  

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To start, we are not in the business of ‘pup’ulating the world with Samoyeds. Yes, we love the breed–which is why we limit our breeding.

Our breeding philosophy is to combine correct physical type and soundness with brains and trainability to provide strong, healthy Samoyeds for show and pet homes. To test for those qualities is one reason we have shown in both breed and obedience (although the obedience work stopped as our energies shifted to our children’s soccer). The other reason is that it is enjoyable, with many friendships.

We subscribe to the Breeders’ Codes of the Samoyed Club of America and the Potomac Valley Samoyed Club.

We believe that with breeding comes responsibility:

  • responsibility to keep the breed strong through OFA and CERF screening of sires and dams
  • responsibility to our pups and their purchasers through thoughtful contracts–first right of return, health guarantees, buy-back provisions, spay and neuter agreements and financial support for obedience classes
  • responsibility to assure the puppies go to good homes.

And then there is the human responsibility to support those who have bought our pups. For the new Sammy owner we are available to give advice, particularly over the first few months. For those who are getting into showing for the first time there is advice and sometimes being there at the shows. And for those experienced hands who have taken the Shadow-Wood line into their kennels there is friendship, celebration and, sometimes, commiseration. Look below at those who have taken their Shadow-Wood dogs to titles in breed and obedience and you will see a circle of friends linked by a common interest.

Shadow-Wood Bred Champions

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  • Ch. Shadow-Wood’s Fulla Trouble, C.D. (co-handled with Betty Chamberlin)
  • “Miss February”, 1989 Samoyed Club of Southern California calendar
  • HIT, 1983 SCA National Specialty
  • Ch. Shadow-Wood’s Symphony (co-owned with Mike and Bridgett Abler–handled by Bridgett)
  • Multiple BOBs
  • Ch. Shadow-Wood’s Owego of Happiface (owned by Dorothy Latta)
  • WB, 1990 PVSC Spring Specialty
  • (back to history)
  • Ch. Shadow-Wood’s Sis Boom Bah (co-owned and handled with Betty Chamberlin.)

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  • BOS, 1989 SCA National Speciality
  • Group 3, Virginia KC
  • Group 4, Old Dominion KC
  • “Miss November”, 1994 Samoyed Club of Southern California calendar
  • Dam of ten champions
  • AM/CAN Ch. Shadow-Wood’s the Candyman (co-owned and co-handled with Sue Dye. Canadian shows handler: Bill Hossler.)
  • BOW 1991 Greater Pittsburg Samoyed Club Specialty (at 10 months)
  • Best in Sweeps PVSC 1991 Fall Specialty
  • Sire of eleven champions
  • AM/CAN Ch. Shadow-Wood’s Smoking Gun (Canadian shows handler: Bill Hossler)
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  • Ch. Shadow-Wood’s Sneak-a-Peek (co-owned with Barbara Birdsong, handled by Babs)
  • Best in Sweeps, Potomac Valley Samoyed Club Specialty, 1990
  • Ch. Shadow-Wood’s Chablis of WW (co-owned with Betty Chamberlin, handled by Betty)
  • Ch. Shadow-Wood’s Nik Nak Nerak CD (owned and handled by Sue Dye and Carol Younoszai)

Shadow-Wood Bred Obedience and Agility Titlists

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  • Hyuki of WinMar, C.D.
  • Valentina Taraskovia, C.D.
  • Highest Scoring Open Dog, 1975 SCA National Specialty
  • Shadow-Wood’s Tuff Stuff, C.D. (owned, trained and handled by Barbara Birdsong)
  • Shadow-Wood’sTiffany, C.D.
  • (owned, trained and handled by Barbara Birdsong)
  • High in Trial, 1975 SCA National Specialty
  • Shadow-Wood’s Artic Echo, C.D.
  • Highest Scoring Dog in Club Annual Award from Dulles Gateway Obedience Training Club
  • Ranked #6 nationally by Samoyed Quarterly while showing in Novice
  • Shadow-Wood’s Beauregard, C.D.X.

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  • Highest Scoring Open Dog in Club Annual Award from Dulles Gateway Obedience Training Club
  • Ranked #6 nationally by Samoyed Quarterly while showing in Open
  • Shadow-Wood’s Vanilla Mousse, C.D.

[click for larger picture]

  • Winner’s Dog, Potomac Valley Samoyed Club Specialty
  • CH Shadow-Wood’s Fulla Trouble, C.D.
  • High in Trial, 1983 SCA National Specialty
  • Ranked #9 nationally by Samoyed Quarterly while showing in Novice
  • Shadow-Wood’s Honeybear, C.D.
  • (Owned, trained and handled by Cathy Salvagio)
  • Ranked #10 nationally by Samoyed Quarterly while showing in Novice
  • Shadow-Wood’s Lotsa Dots, C.D.
  • Best of Winers, Potomac Valley Samoyed Club Specialty
  • Best of Breed winner
  • Ch. Shadow-Wood’s Nik Nak Nerak CD (owned, trained and handled by Carol Younoszai)
  • Ch. Solitaire’s Shadow-Wood Start, C.D.
  • Best of Winers, BOS, Potomac Valley Samoyed Club Specialty 1981
  • Shadow-Wood’s Solitary Boom NA (owned, trained and handled by Kylie Bourke)
  • Two first place wins in her three qualifying legs
  • Action photos

Our Location

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© Jamie Rasmussen, 1996, all rights reserved

We are located in Lincoln, Virginia, within sight of the Blue Ridge and within driving distance of Washington, D.C. It used to be horse country, but now grows houses on three to ten acre parcels (like ours).

Our dogs are raised in a country atmosphere, away from the pollutants and noise of the city. Due to appropriately escape-proof kennels they no longer get loose to chase sheep, calves and horses (reindeer substitutes, we suppose)

The drawing of our house, incidentally, is by our oldest son, Jamie.

If you would like him to create art-work or web page design for you, contact him by clicking on his name: Jamie Rasmussen

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