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Go to the American Kennel Club site for comprehensive information about all breeds, about buying a puppy, about showing and about many other canine-related subjects.
This award winning site provides links and a search capability.
Want to adopt a Sammy? This Samoyed rescue site has been operating on the web since 1995
You have just got to visit WhiteStar’s site. It is chock full of useful information about the Samoyed and has a very complete and interesting set of links. It also has the rare distinction of being attractively designed, easy to navigate and quick to download. Visit it and enjoy.
 The Organization of the Working Samoyed is a vehicle of information exchange on training Samoyeds to be good working dogs. The organization has a quarterly newsletter, The Yapper, that covers Samoyed training, conditioning, nutrition, and health issues. They produce a regular publication and also offer much of this information on-line.
 The picture to the left is by Vladimir Beregovoy, from his fascinating report, The Aboriginal Samoyed Dogs of the Yamal Penninsula. It details his jouney with the native people from whom the Samoyed breed came. His observations provide insights into the breed that help deepen our understanding of our own dogs –who are not so far removed from their Arctic nomadic origins. This is a must read. Just click on the picture to go to the site.
Heather Schmidt’s well thought out pages with much Sammy information The Samoyed Homepage
This is the link to the home page of the Samoyed Club of America. Learn about the club, the breed, about purchasing and raising a Samoyed, and about National Specialty results. Use this site to locate local Samoyed specialty clubs, such as the Potomac Valley Samoyed Club.
The home page of our own Samoyed specialty club. The club has been in operation since 1965 and is an AKC licensed club. The site has some good candids from the PVSC’s two 2000 specialty shows and some from the 2000 National Specialty.
 Shadow-wood's Puff This site offers a comprehensive description of the breed by Michael D. Jones. It covers conformation, history, temperament, care, medical facts and has a frequently asked questions section.
 The Samoyed Association of Finland was established in 1966 and was approved as the official breed club by the Finnish Kennel Club in 1968.
Snowmist ArtworkAnother Finnish site, Snowmist Samoyeds, with beautiful, successfully shown Sams, Samoyed artwork by Angi Laframboise (click on the example of her work to the left to go the the site) and links to many other Sammy sites. Snowmist’s pages are a treat to visit.
The Samoyed Network was created to centralize information about the Samoyed.
 Tina Grant’s Samoyed Breeder’s Web Page offers advice to those interested in bring a Sammy into their lives for the first time. It includes the breeder’s code of ethics, offers many links for first-time puppy buyers, links to adoption sites and has ads for available litters from members of the Samoyed Club of America and the Samoyed Association of Canada.
 Samfans is a list that provides a forum for the exchange of ideas, advice, and information regarding the Samoyed, including general information about the breed, rescue, training, health issues specific to or common in the breed, conformation, obedience, mushing, therapy, agility, weight pull, packing and any other Samoyed activity. This list is an excellent place to make contacts and friendships within the breed and get to know breeders. 
Many, many useful links, much information and a section on sledding resources.
Links to not just dog-related sites–but to sites of many other types of animals.
Friends of Shadow-Wood: sites from around the world that have linked to us. . . .
AustraliaMonalyto Samoyeds–Victoria
 BelgiumSamojeden Kennel vd Cart Hill Ranch
  CanadaCrisandi Samoyeds–British Columbia
Kodiak and Yukon’s Sammy Site–Alberta
Whiteshadow Samoyeds
DenmarkKennel Mamuska
 FinlandFunny Fabric Samoyeds
SnowMist Samoyeds 
Sno’proof Samoyeds
Samoyed Osku
Samoyeds Rosa, Daisy and Ronja
FrancePolar Spirit Kennel
NetherlandsWhite Smiling Beauty
SwedenAmkida’s Kennel
Bjellakis Kennel
 USABarron’s Samoyeds–Missouri
Dynasty Samoyeds–Texas
Keanani Samoyeds–California
Kenosha Samoyeds–Colorado
Kiwyn Samoyeds–Virginia
Magic Mist Samoyeds–Maryland
Mirage Samoyeds–Texas
Mytee Samoyeds–Idaho
Silver Fox Samoyeds–Idaho
Weisblitz Samoyeds–Vermont
WhiteStar Samoyeds–Colorado
Wintersong Samoyeds–North Carolina
These are very good Samoyed links sites. Kodiak and Yukon’s lists Canadian breeders.the SunTrip Samoyeds links pagethe WhiteStar Samoyeds links pageKodiak and Yukons links page
   Great Photos    
These sites have some very, very good photos of Sams.ALEX–What can I say. Go there and see Alex in action (and repose). Particularly look for Alex and his older friends. You’ll really laugh.GEORGE–More from the photographers who did Alex’s pages. George was Alex’s predecessor–and for a touching and very sad story click on the story that accompanies the pictures.